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I know it’s Saturday and the last one before Christmas at that. This means Moms are out hustling and bustling getting Christmas gifts and other holiday aspects completed for the kiddos and family. Or at the very least you are online shopping hoping that your purchase makes it to you before Christmas Eve 🙂 Just remember to grab something for yourself! I was in that very seat last night getting one last thing online for hubby and I.  I know you have plenty to do so I’ll be brief.

Today I want to ask you a serious question….do you have your income goal for 2016 set? This is a MUST have for business/profit building. Not quite sure how to create your income goal? Start by deciding what the value that you offer is worth? Write down the first number that comes to you…then close your eyes and quietly sit with that amount for a few minutes.  How does that amount make you feel?
Do you feel that you deserve more than the amount that came to you? If so consider writing a bodacious amount down. The online urban dictionary defines bodacious as, impressive, awesome, brave in action, remarkable, prodigious.Exp; If you wrote $2,500 per month as your income goal then your bodacious amount might look something life double or triple that amount or $5,000 or$7,500 per month. Does $2,500 (exp; amount) make your heart leap? Does $5,000 or $7,500 (exp; bodacious amount) per month make your heart leap? Find out what DOES make your heart leap and go for it!
Once you are clear on what you want (yes you can write your own paycheck) decide what you can do to create MORE VALUE to make your income goal a reality.  Now go ahead and start creating! Choose a concrete date of when you will offer your value, in exchange for payment to the world. All of your preparation efforts will go towards reaching your bodacious monthly income goal.
Leave me a comment below-wherever you are reading this post from and let me know if you have mapped out your monthly income goal for 2016.  Also let me know if you are going to go back and change it to a bodacious MONEY goal after reading this?
If any of this makes you feel icky, uncomfortable, unsure or overwhelmed because it is talking about money then consider doing some inner work on your money story and what those around you believe about money. How is all that reflecting in your life….are you stuck and just getting by due to your views about money, bad examples or carelessness? Send me an email
(Shayla(at) mommyfreelance (dot) com  if this last paragraph resonates with you and you want to learn how you can change your money story to a positive and liberating one in 2016 for your business and for life freedom. #YouWin  As always please share this with another Mom you’d love to help.
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Shayla Smart is a Wife, Mom, Author, CEO of Shayla Smart Consulting and Mommy Freelance University. Coaching Entrepreneur Moms on how to create cash flow online and build profitable home based businesses so that they can live the lifestyle that they desire. Contact: Shayla (at) MommyFreelance (dot) com

What is your BODACIOUS income goal for 2016?
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