Transparent Entrepreneur Moment

As we approach the virtual launch of Mommy Freelance!  There have been a few bumps, some tears a little nausea and a lot of OMGosh why hasn’t anyone done this before, and I can barely believe that this is really happening moments!!!

As we power forward I am excited, a bit overwhelmed with everything meshing on the tech side and of course the desire to do it all well!

Have you ever felt like you were on top of the mountain and then someone just came behind you and pushed you off?  I have had a few of those moments during the building process of Mommy Freelance.  Nevertheless I push on. Why?  Simple because this is bigger than me!

I am in this for the Moms and Women that I can serve. I do it all for a purpose not for the mere purpose of doing something.  The time and monetary investment means nothing if only for my gratitude. It is all about the lives that WILL be changed and increased as we develop and continue to move forward from an innovative and evergreen perspective.

Transformation is a process and it takes dedication.  So we will continue with our goal of creating and providing a community of savvy, skilled, profitable. positive, loving and uplifting community of women!  I will see you on the inside!


Transparent Entrepreneur Moment

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