Get out of your feelings about business and the word no.

If a person tells you no when you present your service, product or offer do not get emotional about it. They are not saying no to you, they either really don’t need what you have or they are simply not ready.

By now you guys know my truth, “I want to see you ‪#‎WIN‬” but in all transparency, I am not bothered by the word “no” anymore. I smile almost every time someone says no to me in business. Why?

Because I was brave enough to ask, strong enough to believe that my idea made sense outside of my head…lol and because I know a yes is on the way!

If not, I am smart enough to find a way to create a yes in the market place. You should evaluate what you are saying yes to in your life. It may be time for you to say no to some old things and yes to some new things.

Leave a comment below and share what no longer bothers you in life/business. What are somethings that you are saying “no and yes” to?

Shayla Smart is a Wife, Mom, Author, Work at home Strategist and Consultant and the CEO of Mommy Freelance an adult non-traditional continuing education community. Mommy Freelance is in the business of teaching Moms and Women how to increase or enhance their skills so that they can work from home and grow their income online by freelancing.  Mommy Freelance also offers an earn while you learn no sales affiliate program. Mommy Freelance will officially launch in October 2015.  
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Stay out of your emotions when someone tells you “NO” in business

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