While reading an article in Ebony magazine yesterday I began to read into a section that highlighted multiple ways to create wealth and even become a millionaire by creating passive income. I was so tickled when I saw this portion of the article listing, using “Intellectual Property,”  as one of the top ways to create a continual income stream of income.

I have always thought that if I could just provide information on what I know, what I have experienced and what I have researched that it would be profitable and beneficial to myself and others!

Once I was able to streamline (something I finally mastered in the last few months) how to deliver the information I knew I had unlocked the door to some VERY valuable and lucrative treasure. And for those who join Mommy Freelance when we officially launch, you will have the opportunity to learn how you can do the same with half the learning time that I invested. As a bonus you will make money while you learn it! Yes!  That’s right I will teach you how to turn your Intellectual property into a repeating stream of income using a simple formula. I use this formula and it works so smoothly I shocked myself (transparent business moment)!

I am so excited to see the lives change of the moms and women including our clients that will be impacted through education, profit and lifestyle.

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Shayla Smart is a Wife, Mom, Author, Work at home Strategist and Consultant and the CEO of Mommy Freelance University an adult non-traditional continuing education community. Mommy Freelance is in the business of teaching Moms and Women how to increase or enhance their skills so that they can work from home and grow their income online by freelancing and providing the services and expertise they are called to share.  
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How using your “Intellectual Property” can create wealth for you!
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