The only thing that truly sets you apart from the person already making $10,000 per month and continuously hitting their money and income goals, is they didn’t give up and they continued to take massive action even when they didn’t feel like it and even when others spewed their hater juices on them.If $10,000 per month income is a goal that you would like to reach but it sounds far-fetched here are 5 steps that you should be taking everyday to make your $10,000 per month income goal attainable.

  • Wake up with an attitude that you CAN and that you WILL win!

You must start your day the same everyday no matter what. You must wake up with an attitude that says I can and I will conquer the day and make all that is happening around me obey my path to success.  Reach this step by consuming 30 minutes or more  of inspirational and motivational content everyday. You can obtain this through audio recordings, spiritual teachings, videos and reciting affirmations daily.     

  • Increase your skill set!  

What you earn is in direct proportion to the amount of skill that you have learned. Take a moment and  decide whom you think will be chosen for the freelance project for customer Bob who needs a website designed.  

A. Sally who can adequately create WordPress web sites. Or B. Denise who just has knowledge that WordPress is a great web site and a versatile blogging platform with good SEO ability.  It’s a no brainier the client is going to choose the Freelancer who can get the job done. And Sally is able to get the job done because she has knowledge, but above that she has a skill set on “how to.”   The more you know the more you grow but in this case the more you learn (how to do something=skill) the more you earn!

  • You have to be HUNGRY!

Mr. Les Brown said it best, “You gotta be hungry!”  No one should want success for YOU more than YOU. This becomes a hindrance to many because we get so consumed with wanting others to support our dreams, goals and endeavors. The truth of the matter is, the accomplishment of your dreams can not be hinged upon kudos from others. You have to be so hungry that you do whatever it takes as long as it takes to get what you want.

  • Use your time better!  

This point truly speaks to the procrastinator however it also addresses those that are so busy being busy that they are not getting anything done. Working on project after project never bringing anything to market will not, I repeat WILL NOT make you a profit. Building a $10,000 per month income is not as far fetched as it may sound especially in 2015. However as long as your priorities are being sucked up by meaningless task everyday (ie;non-targeted time on social media, to much TV time) success when continue to elude you.

  • Stop complaining!

Simply put, shut up! It may sound rude but it is exactly what you need to tell yourself when you feel the notion to gripe about what is not going right or what other people should be doing to make life easier for you.  No one owes you anything. You owe it to yourself to prove to you that despite all the odds and naysayers around you, you can still accomplish the goal you have set out to reach. Complaining that the taxes are too high, the wages are to low, blaming the President (whom ever may be elected this next term.) it is not anyone’s fault that you have not reached your monthly income goals.  

If the state of the economy was the true culprit then no one would have income and all trading and ability to purchase would cease. Since the lines that I saw in Macy’s the other day were as long as a Christmas shopping line (in September) I dare to say we can mark economy off the list of why you have yet to earn the money that you desire.
In conclusion, the fact of the matter is, the 5 steps above can be used to reach any income goal that you desire.

Tweet: It takes just as much effort (work) to grow your monthly income an extra $100 as it does to grow it to $10,000. @MommyFreelance It takes just as much effort (work) to grow your   monthly income an extra $100 as it does  to grow it to $10,000.    What all the above steps have in common is, your willingness to do something you’ve never done to get something you’ve never had.


Shayla Smart is a Wife, Mom, Author, Work at home Strategist and Consultant and the CEO of Mommy Freelance an adult non-traditional continuing education community. Mommy Freelance is in the business of teaching Moms and Women how to increase or enhance their skills so that they can work from home and grow their income online by freelancing.  Mommy Freelance also offers an earn while you learn no sales affiliate program. Mommy Freelance will officially launch in October 2015.  Contact Shayla, her team and community at

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5 Steps to reaching your $10,000 per month income goal.
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